Do I have a claim against the RAF?

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To have a claim against the Road Accident Fund (“RAF”), you need to satisfy 2 requirements.  The requirements are as follows:

  1. You were injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle (how ever minor that injury may be);
  2. You were not to blame for the accident.

First Requirement

You must show you have been injured in an accident and had medical treatment subsequent to the accident.

Second Requirement

This is were problems with RAF claims often arise.

The “no blame” requirement is a complex one in Law and this is why it is often in your interests to utilise the services of an attorney for RAF claims.

It is worth noting that if you are slightly to blame for the accident, you will still have a claim, as South Africa Law recognises the apportionment of blame principle (e.g. if a Court determines that both you and the other party are equally to blame, then you will have a 50% claim; i.e. if you claim is worth R 100 000 then you will receive an amount of R 50 000 (50% of the claim value).

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