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The Road Accident Fund (“RAF”) requires that claims are submitted with certain information contained on RAF Forms.

For accidents that occurred after 31 July 2008 there are 5 different Forms.

Depending on your claim we may have to submit 1 or more Forms.

Below we list the Forms and what we use them for:


Claim for compensation and Medical Report.

This Form is used for establishing the details of the claim against the RAF. Details regarding the Injured person; the claimant; the accident; any witnesses, etc. are used.

It will be used at establish claims against the RAF regarding medical expenses (past and future); loss of income (past or future); general damages (pain and suffering – general damages also requires an RAF 4 Form, which requires Experts to complete).



Claim by Supplier

This Form is used if a supplier has a claim against the RAF.  In terms of this Form the RAF will pay the compensation to the supplier directly and cost (if due) to
the supplier’s representative.

A “supplier” is by any person or institution that has at the special instance and
request of an injured (also deceased) person who was injured (killed) by the unlawful and negligent driving of a motor vehicle, rendered any service or provided
goods or accommodation in a hospital or nursing home.


Accident Report Form

When any person has been injured or killed as a result of the driving of a motor vehicle, the owner and / or the driver of that motor vehicle must report that accident to the Fund in terms of this Form within 14 days, failing which the compensation paid to the third party may be recovered from that owner or driver.


Serious Injury Assessment Report

This form is part of a claim for General Damages and it is completed with the assistance of Experts such as Medical Doctors; Physiologist; Physio-therapists, Actuaries; etc.

Medico-Legal Reports are necessary to complete the form.



Notification of Dispute

To be completed where a third party requests dispute resolution.


We can also get a lot of information from you if you fill in our online Questionnaire (click the button below).

The interview is comprehensive and may take a while to complete, however, you do not need to complete the whole interview in one sitting.  You can select the “Save and continue” button at any time and you will be provided with a unique link that will allow you to return and continue your Interview.

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