Medico-Legal Reports

We will gather the necessary Medical Reports and quantifying documents to support your Claim.


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Claims against the Road Accident Funds (“RAF”) for Serious Injuries will require Medical Reports, these report will help you support your claim against the RAF.

These Medical Reports are called Medico-Legal Reports.

GCM Legal will assist in acquiring the necessary Medico-Legal Reports to strengthen your claim against the RAF.

Medico-Legal Reports

Bodily injuries often have long term consequences and you have a right to claim compensation for these injuries as well as for the costs of any medical treatment which you have received or may have to undergo in the future.

To support your claim against the RAF you will need documents produced by an Expert to explain and calculate these long term effects.  The term used for documents is Medico-Legal Reports.

Often various Experts will be needed to complete these Medico-Legal Reports, including, Medical Doctors; Physiologist; Physio-therapists, Actuaries; etc.

These reports will also be used in your Court Case against the RAF; and these experts will give evidence in Court about what their Reports say.


We can also get a lot of information from you if you fill in our online Questionnaire (click the button below) but it is not compulsory.


The interview is comprehensive and may take a while to complete, However, you do not need to complete the whole interview in one sitting.  You can select the “Save and continue” button at any time and you will be provided with a unique link that will allow you to return and continue your Interview.

Below is a list of the documents we would eventually need to start your Claim with the RAF but often additional document / reports are needed to make stregnthen your claim, which we will help put together for you.

Documentation that will form part of your RAF Claim

  • Copy of ID Document of the person claiming from the RAF.
  • Vouchers and documents in support of amounts claimed.
  • Death Certificate; Inquest Report; Charge Sheet (if applicable).
  • Proof of relationship to deceased (if applicable).
  • Supporting documentation for Income lost due to absence from work (e.g. Payslips; Tax Return; Bank Statements; etc.) (if applicable).
  • An affidavit setting out the full particulars of the accident.
  • A medical report by the treating doctor.
  • Statements of witnesses.
  • Police reports.
  • Hospital and medical records.

More infomation about the RAF Claim process

RAF Introduction and Procedure

We explain the general procedure of RAF Claims.

Claim Assessment

We will assess your matter and determine the best way to proceed with your claim.

Claim Submission, Litigation and Negotiations 

We will sue the RAF on your behalf and handle all aspects of the litigation.  If it is appropriate we will negotiate with the RAF too.

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