What can I claim for with the RAF?

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There are many claims that one can make against the RAF if they meet the prescribed requirements; some of the more common ones are:


General Damages

Or what is commonly known as claims for pain and suffering

This is an amount of money that you are given for the pain and suffering that you have gone through and it is based on case law handed down by Court in the past (simply put, you would generally receive an amount similar to that which somebody else received in the past for a similar injury).

These claim are for an amount over and above your medical cost (past or future) and loss of income (pass or future).


Loss of Income

This is the future income you are not be able to earn as a result of your injuries; it is dependent on your your injuries and the job you did prior to your injuries.


Past Medical Expenses

You have a claim for past medical expenses and that is normally quite simple, keep a record of all of your accounts that are related to the accident and your attorney claims them back from the Road Accident Fund.


Future Medical Expenses

A claim for future medical expenses can be complex; to determine the extent of your claim your attorney will refer you to several specialists who will prepare “medico-legal” reports; the specialists will anticipate what sort of treatment you will need in the future (including psychotherapy, physiotherapy, surgery).


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